24HIP-HOP E-News: SC Based Artist Lex The Don Returns With New Single ‘Envy’

Apr 14, 2021, 12:38pm EST — Brooklyn Born, SC based artist Lex The Don is no newcomer in the hip hop industry. Every since the Early 2000’s he has been making a name for himself in all aspects of music. He started out as the #1 Hip Hop DJ at WCWP 88.1 in Long Island, NY & today he is known for the strives he’s made in music as an artist & as the founder of TBT Entertainment Music Group. The rapper was The Source Magazine’s Most Viewed Artist for their Unsigned Hype Edition in 2015......https://24hip-hop.com/sc-based-artist-lex-the-don-returns-with-new-single-envy/