24HIP-HOP E-News: South Carolina Artist, Lex The Don Is Gaining National Attention after Dropping New Single ‘Elevator’

Feb 22, 2021, 13:37pm EST — Lex The Don is far from a newcomer in the hip hop industry. Every since the Early 2000’s he has been making a name for himself in all aspects of music. He started out as the #1 Hip Hop DJ at WCWP 88.1 in Long Island, NY & today he is known for the strives he’s made in music as an artist & as the founder of TBT Entertainment Music Group. The Brooklyn Born, SC based artist was The Source Magazine’s Most Viewed Artist for their Unsigned Hype Edition. Lex has opened for many big names in the industry ......... Read full article at link https://24hip-hop.com/south-carolina-artist-lex-the-don-is-gaining-national-attention-after-dropping-new-single-elevator/